Never has a team needed a break from baseball as much as the 2007 Arizona Diamondbacks. During the month of July the Diamondbacks have only been able to secure a win once in the past 8 days. You cannot just point to one area where the team is struggling. It appears to be something different each night. When Arizona gets good pitching from the starters then the offense struggles and gives them no run support. When the bats come alive and the Diamondbacks score runs then their defense falters and they give up costly errors. When the defense is stellar then the relievers come in and give up late inning runs. On this road trip nothing seemed to go as planned. To his credit Bob Melvin tried shaking up the line-up, adjust days of rest for pitchers and position players, and modify everyone’s routine just to see if that might light a spark. None of these had the kind of effect that the organization was looking for. Now the team has the next 4 days off to try and regroup and see if they can find the keys to the success they enjoyed earlier in the season.

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