Over the course of the past nine plus years I have gone to my share of baseball games. Ok if you ask Trina then over the course of the past nine plus years I have gone to enough games to cover my share and the shares of three entire villages in Zimbabwe. The number of games I have gone to are not important (unless you are in a discussion with an unnamed wife who is trying to justify why she deserves jewelry as a result of being abandoned from mid-February through the end of October each year since 1998). For the sake of argument let’s just say that I have been to a few games. I have always had two season tickets to the Diamondbacks meaning that I was rarely at these games alone. For much of the time I take one of my children or Trina to the game where we can spend quality one-on-one time with each other. At times when one of the family cannot go to the game I then take one of my friends. There has been one friend that has always been with me and supported me and my dedication to the Diamondbacks. This friend never questions my devotion and is always understanding of my feelings for the team. Not a game goes by that this friend is not there for me. So when I found out that today’s game marked the final game that he would be going to my heart sank.

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