The convoluted outfield of the Arizona Diamondbacks just got a little more difficult to decipher. Last season when the Diamondbacks traded Shawn Green to the New York Mets and declined to renew Luis Gonzalez’s contract I thought they finally had a plan for their outfield going forward. That has not necessarily been the case though. Through injury and lack of offensive production the outfield has been in a constant state of flux for most of the season. The trouble began in spring training when anticipated starter Carlos Quentin suffered an injury to his shoulder. This problem led to him being placed on the disabled list to begin the season. Once he finally returned Quentin has not been able to find his groove hitting a mere .210 for the season. The lack of success paid a heavy toll on Quentin’s confidence and finally on July 6 the Diamondbacks sent the beleaguered outfielder to Tucson to work out the kinks in his swing and regain his self-confidence. Since that time the landscape in the Arizona outfield has become even more clouded.

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