For the majority of the 2007 season scoring runs has been a real challenge for the Arizona Diamondbacks especially at Chase Field. Through 103 games which would include last night’s game the Diamondbacks had averaged just over 4 runs per game. On the surface this average doesn’t seem too bad but the numbers are somewhat skewed due to the fact that Arizona has scored 9 runs on Tuesday and 7 runs last night. This should come as much of a surprise considering that only one position player in last night’s line-up had a batting average over .300 (Eric Byrnes leads the team with a .308 average). This woeful set of statistics is one of the reasons that contributed to the dismissal of Kevin Sietzer as hitting coach. Personally I don’t feel like Sietzer was given a fair enough chance but with expectations set so highly for this team I understand the team felt some change was required. While the Diamondbacks struggles at the plate have accounted for their recent slide in the standings, it has had an even larger impact on the fan base and is quickly reaching critical mass.

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