A New Beginning

Tonight’s game marks the third Diamondbacks Opening Day that I will have attended this season. The first was when I went to Denver to watch the first game of the 2007 season against the Colorado Rockies. The pageantry and excitement were over the top with giant flags unfurled in the outfield accompanied by representatives from each branch of the armed forces and an amazing fireworks display. The second Opening Day for 2007 occurred in Phoenix when the Arizona Diamondbacks held their home opener against the Cincinnati Reds. This game too was filled with amazing sights and sounds with a military fly over and a capacity crowd cheering for the home team. So I am really looking forward to what the Diamondbacks have in store for this latest Opening Day. What is that you ask? Why is there an Opening Day during the third week in July?

Tonight marks the unveiling and first game for Seat Cushions 2.0! This is indeed a special day in Diamondbacks history. It marks the first time that I will be sitting on the new Sedona Red and Black seat cushions that Trina has made. My butt is all tingling at just the thought to what it has in store. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning knowing that I’ll be taking a new friend to the game with me from this day forward. And while I will miss my old Purple and Teal friend, it is time for a change.

I’ve heard that the players feed off the energy of the crowd so I have no doubt but to think that we might see something historical at tonight’s game. Who knows, maybe this is the night that we will see the Diamondbacks throw a no-hitter at Chase Field or perhaps we’ll be treated to seeing a Diamondbacks player hit for the cycle or land a home run at Leslie’s Pool Zone for a splash down. No matter what the outcome tonight is going to be magical.

I’ve watched enough awards shows on television to know that opening night is something special. If I am going to be walking down that Sedona Red Carpet to make my way to the Chase Field turnstile I was going to need to be wearing something special. No way am I going to categorized with those starlets on Mr. Blackwell’s worst dressed list. I can just imagine the wire services picking up photos of me dressed in a Sedona Red jersey with a purple hat and Bermuda shorts. I would never be able to live that one down. No this called for something extra special. At first I thought about going all Sedona Red in a tribute to the new colors and cushions but I was afraid that I might clash with the cushion and take away from its moment in the spotlight. Likewise I decided against going with the traditional black ensemble. No this required something slightly bold but an outfit that would coordinate with seat cushion 2.0 making me the perfect accessory for the seat cushion. That could only mean one thing. I would be dressed in an authentic white home jersey personalized with my name and number. The jersey and personalized would contain a touch of Sedona Red thereby setting off the red from the cushion. To give the black an appropriate pop I will wear a black and red fitted Diamondbacks hat with a matching black ankle brace (never try to skateboard after you’ve turned 46. No good can come from that). I’ll be taking Trina to the game tonight. I thought it only fitting that as the head of seat cushion production that she be there to graciously accept all of the accolades from this design. Of course she too would need to be appropriately clothed to best show of the seat cushion. I suggested that she wear a Sedona Red bikini or maybe dye her hair Sedona Red. She vetoed both of those ideas as well as the one where I had her in a black teddy with Sedona Red lace. I swear this woman is seriously fashion challenged. Instead she decided to wear a white Diamondbacks jersey coupled with her Levis and athletic shoes. At first I wasn’t exactly excited about her copying my style with the jersey but the longer I thought about it the better I felt. Sometimes continuity along the Sedona Red carpet is important.

With our wardrobe choices out of the way we turned our attention to proper bag packing. We’ll be taking the dual water bottles to show Seat Cushion 2.0’s versatility. I’ll also be including the matching Nikon binoculars to be housed in the Diamondbacks logo pocket. As an added touch I am breaking out a new Diamondbacks pen that I picked up at the Team Shop during the last home stand and a new scorebook to mark this new beginning. Trina elected to show off the versatile snack arrangement by including peanuts, fresh fruit, and assorted candy in the front pockets. I think that is a perfect touch.

I can hardly wait to get down to the stadium and walk along the Sedona Red carpet. Tonight I’ll endure the paparazzi as they snap photo after photo of Seat Cushion 2.0. While they can sometimes be a hassle I know they are just doing their job. After all I am sure there are a lot of people who would just love to be in my shoes walking alongside this newest celebrity. Who knows maybe these new seat cushions are just what the team needs to go on one of those extended winning streaks vaulting them to the top of the division. If that happens perhaps the team will recognize us as MVSC (Most Valuable Seat Cushion) and award us with an autographed team baseball. Now that would be sweet!

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