All Signed Up and No Where to Go

Recently I received a notice in the mail from the Arizona Diamondbacks inviting me to renew my season tickets for the 2008 season. I had debated whether to take advantage of the team’s offer to renew now or to wait until after the 2007 season concluded and renew. It was not so much a question of whether I would renew my tickets or not; that was definitely a given. The real question was whether the incentive was enough to justify spending the money now versus later. With all of the time I had available to me during this vacation since I could not get a decent Internet connection, no games via satellite, and only one minor league game I had plenty of time to assess the situation and decide whether to renew or not.

I definitely had decided I would not pay in full for early renewal. There just was no incentive to do that this year. Last season I did do that and was rewarded with an authentic Sedona Red Diamondbacks jersey and hat. While I would have preferred an official fitted New Era hat I was overall pleased with the incentive and gladly handed over my money. This year though the Diamondbacks were requesting full payment 3 months earlier than last year and in exchange for the use of my money they are offering me a $50 coupon to the concessions at Chase Field and a $50 coupon to the team shop. This would not even buy me personalization for the jersey I got for last season. No, they wouldn’t be seeing me renew in full that was for certain.

The second option was to place a 25 percent deposit down on next year’s tickets. This would guarantee that I would receive the same prices as this season and I would be able to pay for post season games where the Diamondbacks played. Without knowing what the ticket prices would be next season this was definitely a crap shoot. By the way it was worded I think it is safe to assume that the Diamondbacks are planning a ticket price increase. We have no idea whether this increase will be a $1 or a $100 per ticket per game. That obviously has a lot of bearing on whether to accept this offer but those details aren’t given. I called the season ticket office before leaving on vacation and asked if they could tell me how much ticket prices were going to increase. The answer was that it had not yet been decided and probably would not be decided until after the season concluded. So the question is, how much monetary risk are you willing to accept by waiting versus renewing now? In the end I just didn’t feel like I wanted to risk seeing my tickets drastically increase in price next year versus this year. I decided it was in my best interest to lock in now with a 25 percent deposit and hope for the best. I’m a little disappointed that the team did not offer a better incentive to me for using my money for this amount of time and was not forthright with me as to what kind of savings I could hope to realize by renewing now. I would have also liked to know how seat relocation is going to work for those of us who have renewed early. Hopefully we will still have the opportunity to try and make our seats better after the 2007 season has concluded. In the end I am once again in line for season tickets for the upcoming season.

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