Always an Interesting Time

Going to a Diamondbacks game is always an interesting proposition. You never quite know what is going to happen or who you are going to meet. For the most part the seats that are around us in Section 132 are made up of Season Ticket holders so after a few games you begin to see a pattern of who you will be sitting next to. What is somewhat surprising to me is the number of these season ticket holders who share their seats among a group of people. This is an extremely foreign concept to me as I have never really experienced anything like that before. I am usually lamenting to Trina that my season tickets only include 81 regular season games plus 2 Spring Training games. I cannot even imagine willfully giving any of these up and not attend. If anything I am usually looking for ways that I can somehow ADD games rather than subtract. Of course if I add any it would result in transportation and lodging costs since it would require me to go on the road with the Diamondbacks, an idea that after 9 plus years Trina is still not budging on. She always asks, “What is it about being at a Diamondbacks game that is so interesting?”

The obvious answer would be the quality of baseball that is on the field and seeing the game that I love unfold in front of me. It is experiencing the game using all five senses instead of just watching on a television screen at home. From the couch I cannot smell the fresh cut grass or the meandering aroma of Hungry Hill Sausages. Nor can I experience the feel of the seats or the tossing of peanut shells onto the aisle as I mindlessly toss a few into my mouth during a tense inning if I am at home. Granted having two Chase Field seats at my house does make it an experience closer to being at the game but it is just not the same. Besides, one of the worst beatings I ever took was the day I sat in the family room watching the game and I forgot and started tossing peanut shells onto Trina’s new area rug. That’s something I never want to relive. Speaking of peanuts, food just tastes better at the ballpark. I can cook a brat with the best of them and I can eat the same brand of peanuts but it just doesn’t taste the same as when you are at the stadium. There’s something to be said about the mental nature eating. And while Fox Sports and 3TV do a great job of covering the game; they just can’t capture the camera angles or sight lines of when you are actually at the game. Oh sure I miss not having instant replay and I am left wondering whether some calls or some plays are correct but I wouldn’t trade the 360 degree view I have when I am at the ballpark. Finally, television just doesn’t capture the sounds at the game. You hear the crack of the bat and sometimes even the snap of the ball hitting a mitt but you miss out on a lot of the other sounds within the game. You rarely hear the heckler whose comments get funnier with each new beer consumed nor do you hear the calls of the vendors hawking their wares up and down the aisles. These things are all lost in the comfort of your own home. It’s hard to explain but baseball just isn’t baseball without being there. She may not completely understand but with each game we go to together she gains a better understanding of what I am talking about.

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