An Odd Bobble

When the promotional schedule for the 2007 season was announced my kids gathered around to pick their favorite giveaway. I found it kind of sad that they were basing their game attendance upon what cool things they could get as they entered the stadium. My theory was to get them to the game regardless of the reasoning and maybe, just maybe they would become more knowledgeable baseball fans. The kids were extremely animated to find that there were so many bobble head games. I have to admit, I am partial to a good bobble head too so I was just about as excited. If for no other reason than to try and even out the number of Sedona Red versus purple and teal bobble heads that adorn the top of my desk. I have every bobble head that the Diamondbacks have ever given as a stadium giveaway and proudly display them in our living room (much to the chagrin of Trina I might add). She has gotten to the point where she tolerates them but has not yet accepted the bobble head as an appropriate interior decorating accessory. Give me enough time and enough bobble heads and I think I can get her to change her mind. With that confidence I was looking forward to tonight’s game as it meant my bobble head posse would be growing by one.

This bobble head night was for Carlos Quentin the rookie right fielder of the Arizona Diamondbacks. At the time when the promotions were announced it seemed appropriate that Quentin would get his own since he was seen as a mainstay in the outfield for years to come. But starting the year with an injured shoulder and then struggling badly at the plate for most of the first half of the season the Diamondbacks optioned Carlos to Tucson shortly before the all-star break. It looked as though he would not even be in the stadium to see his bobble likeness handed out to eager fans. Quentin’s luck changed when the Diamondbacks traded outfielder Scott Hairston to San Diego opening up a roster spot where they could recall Carlos just in time. I am not sure I have ever seen a team have a bobble head promotion for a guy sent down to the minors and only hitting .210. There are other factors besides batting average though that make Quentin a natural. He plays stellar defense and has a great arm. Even more importantly he is leading the team in Hit By Pitch. That I think is the real reason why he got a bobble head. If these bobble heads were a true rendition of the player then Carlos’ figure should come in about 5 pieces and his bat should be broken. We’ll see how accurate that is when I un-box mine to take its place on the desk of honor.

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