Feeling Lucky?

Today has been marketed as the luckiest day of the century. This is a result of the date being 07/07/07. According to the Gila River Casino advertisements 7-7-7 is always a winner and therefore lucky. A lot of people seem to be in agreement with that as the numbers of marriage license applicants for this day are substantially larger than any other day including the new millennium and Valentine’s Day. I’m not sure getting married on a lucky day is going to help any of these marriages to survive better than any other day but I guess it can’t hurt either. My thoughts today were not on marriage but on baseball. I know that probably comes as a shock to many of you. It amazed me too that I woke up this morning with baseball on the brain but rather than fight it I decided to embrace it. If there was ever a team that needed a little luck it was the Arizona Diamondbacks. Since the calendar rolled over from June to July the Diamondbacks have only been able to muster one win against the St. Louis Cardinals. At this point I was willing to accept help no matter where it came from.

My preparations actually began last night. I got out my lucky Diamondbacks pajamas and put them on to sleep in. I also ate 4 pickled cloves of garlic to ward off any evil spirits. I am not sure whether Trina is evil or not but it seemed to ward off her too. I’ve made a note to do some other good versus evil tests on my wife to see if I can reach any conclusions. This morning when I got up and went into the kitchen and ate 2 heaping bowls of Lucky Charms cereal which as you all know is “magically delicious”. I tried to catalog the marshmallows in the cereal to make sure I had equal amounts of red hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, green clovers, blue diamonds, purple horseshoes, and pink and white shooting stars. My bowl seemed to have an overabundance of purple horseshoes. I don’t know what that means but it did concern me a little. I made another note to myself to contact General Mills to ask about their quality control of marshmallow shape distribution in pre-sweetened breakfast cereal.

After breakfast I took a shower and got ready for the day. I cut myself shaving which in itself was not a good sign. It did allow me to verify that I do indeed bleed Sedona Red so I guess that was good to know. I made another mental note to check to see if Gillette razors are manufactured in Boston or New York as that would explain why I tried to slit my throat while shaving. I also made a note to myself to get a notepad because the number of mental notes I was taking was beginning to overload my brain and I wasn’t sure how many more notes my head could hold before leakage would occur.

I got dressed for the day putting on my lucky Under Armor shirt and Diamondbacks black home jersey because it is Saturday. I put my socks on left foot than right foot and put my pants on right leg then left leg to restore balance (there is nothing worse than unbalanced legs well constipation is worse but unbalanced legs would have to be second). I combed my hair and put on my red Diamondbacks hat and made another note to myself that I probably didn’t need to comb my hair if I was just going to wear a hat. I was still lamenting the fact that I left my black Diamondbacks hat at home. I was positive I would be able to find a black hat while on vacation and was appalled to find out that not only did no one in Idaho sell the black Diamondbacks hat; most sporting goods stores had no idea that Arizona had even changed their colors. It’s like being banished to the land of Forrest Gumps.

I put my lucky rabbit’s foot in my pocket and again wondered what the three-legged rabbit was doing and whether all of his feet were bright purple or was it just this one foot. And if it was just this one foot was that the reason why he cut it off. And if that really was the reason he cut it off was it really that lucky of a foot? I then made another note to myself that I really need to stop thinking about rabbits and especially their feet.

I was now ready for a lucky day and I hoped that maybe I had conjured up enough mojo that the Diamondbacks could break that streak of bad luck they were having and we could see about doubling the number of victories that the team had this month. I’ve done my part the rest is up to the baseball gods and the Diamondbacks players. Let’s hope it is enough.

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