I Look Like Who?

In his brief two years with the Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Eric Byrnes is quickly becoming a fan favorite. His all-out style and eccentric personality makes him a natural attraction for the everyday fan. We all know someone in our own life that is just a little bit different and stands out from the crowd. This coupled with his blue-collar attitude and work ethic makes him the talk of the ballpark. Many of us remember as a kid how we played the game just for the love of it. We would come home from the ballpark tattered and torn with grass stains from head to toe. Usually our mothers would meet us at the door and lament of the work ahead of her as she tried to get our clothes clean and presentable again. Most kids wore those grass stains as a badge of honor as it showed everyone that you were a player and in the game. Each spot of dirt and stain held a story of some conquest during the game and we wanted everyone to know about it. Byrnes seems to be of the same mindset. He represents that kid in all of us who just played because it was fun.

The Arizona Diamondbacks want to cash in on this connection that the fans have with Eric Byrnes. Yesterday they announced that during the upcoming home stand there would be an Eric Byrnes Look-A-Like contest before the Friday July 27th game against the Atlanta Braves. Fans who feel like they represent the style and look made famous but the Diamondbacks left fielder have an opportunity to show their stuff. The winner of the contest will receive four game tickets and will appear on Fox Sports Arizona’s pre-game show. The winner will also have the opportunity to meet Eric Byrnes the following day and become part of the hilarious new television show, “The Eric Byrnes Show”. This promotion will undoubtedly become one of the favorites of this season and I can hardly wait to see who or what will be at the ballpark next Friday.

After reading this story I had to share the information with my family. I recounted the specifics of the contest and the potential prizes that would be awarded. I did not expect the response I got from my kids. Each of my four daughters looked in the direction of my son Dakota and I could begin to see the wheels turn. Dakota is somewhat of a free spirit (I’m not sure where he gets that from, I think Trina must have a crazy gene on her side of the family) and he is definitely not too fashion conscious (what 10-year-old boy is). His hair is rarely combed and most days has a mind of its own further adding to his individual style. The girls thought Dakota had potential but might need a little enhancing if he were to enter. I attempted to warn Dakota but he was oblivious to what was occurring around him. The girls had decided this week would be “makeover day” for Dakota. No good can possibly come from this. Having four older sisters with experience in hair and clothing could only result in some sort of mental scarring which would only be uncovered through years of therapy. So for the next week poor Dakota is going to be subjected to mousse, styling gel, wardrobe changes, and poise lessons. This poor kid won’t know what hit him by the time these girls are done.

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