Juggling Family and Baseball

A lot of people will plan their vacations well in advance after consulting each child’s schedule and coordinating that with a list of potential destinations that everyone can enjoy. Some people will not plan their vacation at all making the whole relaxation experience spontaneous. Unfortunately that is not the way things work around our house. When you have an avid Arizona Diamondbacks fan in your family planning for a vacation is slightly different. It usually starts around the first of the year with each of the kids making a list of potential destinations they would like to go. These destinations are usually places like Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, or Six Flags something or other. After a long discussion with the parents the kids are sent back to the drawing board to think of more realistic locations for our vacation. Finally the family agrees upon two or three candidates for inclusion in the family vacation. No timeframe is set for the vacation that does not occur until around mid-February. The reason for this delay is that we have to wait for Commissioner Bud Selig to release the final baseball schedule for the season.

There is an obvious reason for waiting; we have to determine which Arizona Diamondbacks road trip will coincide with our vacation and if we’re lucky that road trip will also match with one of the potential vacation destinations so that we can maybe catch a game while we are gone. This is pretty much the way we have scheduled our vacation every year since 1998. The one time that we didn’t follow this formula was just last year. I somehow let the kids set the timeline using a MLB schedule that was subject to change. The result was that we scheduled a trip to Walt Disney World to celebrate Trina and my 25th wedding anniversary which caused me to miss 2 Interleague games against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I vowed never to let that happen again so I added the delay to the final decision until after the official schedule is released.

Looking over the 2007 schedule we determined that the best dates for our vacation would be to begin July 1. We could be gone until July 13, 2007 but had to be back by 4:00 PM. By back I mean we had to be in the vicinity of 3rd Street and Jefferson in downtown Phoenix at that time. Trina could drop me off and continue home if she wanted and I could call her around the ninth inning for her to come and pick me up. While I was at the game she could unload the car if she wanted, I was totally cool with that. For just a moment the family entertained the idea that we really could be gone until July 22 and we would only miss 3 games against the Padres who would be back at Chase Field in September. That theory was quickly extinguished followed by a 60 minute diatribe where I reminded them of the painful experience they all had to endure last year when I missed two of the Angels games. They shuttered at those memories and decided perhaps it would be best if we made it back in time for the first game of the Padres series.



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