Safe At Home

The fire in Utah had set us back a full day. I had hoped that I could drive the distance in one day still making it home yesterday but with the limited sleep that both Trina and I had that was impossible. Instead we finally stopped for the night in Page Arizona. A sleepy little town on the shores of Lake Powell (which at this point looks more like Pond Powell due to the draught conditions). I had great intentions to leave at the crack of dawn to arrive in Phoenix mid-morning but exhaustion got the best of me and we didn’t get back on the road as quickly as I had hoped. I found myself in the car in a race against time. It was me versus the clock to see which would survive. I had to get home, get the game tickets, and be at Chase Field in time for the game (I was beyond hoping for batting practice at this point).

The baseball Gods were looking favorably on me this day. The roads were smooth and the passing lanes arrived just as I caught up to the next wave of traffic. I was also given a gift as I realized that Arizona was an hour behind Utah so I actually gained an hour. Things were looking as if I just might make it. As we reached the Phoenix city limits I saw the most beautiful site. Standing majestically was Chase Field with its roof open. A tear of joy trickled down my cheek. Dakota gently patted my shoulder and asked, “Dad, do you want us to drop you off here and you can walk to the stadium?” That wouldn’t be necessary, we had time to go home and get the tickets before leaving for the ballpark.

The car and my driving were now on auto-pilot. I had driven from I-10 and Chase Field enough times that I knew exactly how long it would take, when to change lanes, and which exits were the least travelled. I was like a NASCAR driver weaving in and out feeling the road beneath the tires knowing which line would give me the fastest lap. We arrived home in 18 minutes just as estimated. The unloading of the car, collecting of the seat cushions (still using version 1.0 as I had just a couple of ideas during the drive home for changes to Seat Cushions 2.0 but I decided to wait until after the game to tell Trina), and getting the game tickets. With all of the efficiencies of a Indy Car pit stop we were back on the road this time heading for Chase Field. We arrived just in time to watch the last of batting practice for the San Diego Padres. Our vacation is over and I am safe at home.

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