What Do You Take On Vacation?

Now that we had agreement of when we would be going on vacation, it was time to finalize location and start packing. After a lot of discussion of the merits of various places it was finally decided that we would escape the triple digit heat of Arizona to something cooler (temperature and attitude wise). Trina and I both have family who live in Idaho and since it has been a couple of years since we have seen them we decided it might be best to travel there.

My theory was that we were just a few short miles from Missoula Montana home of the Arizona Diamondbacks Class-A Rookie team the Osprey. I decided that I would just wait and spring that surprise on the kids once we got in the car. No use getting them all excited about driving 7 hours to a minor league baseball game. They were excited enough as it was. And it wasn’t like there was nothing to see along the way, we could always take a side trip to Yellowstone National Park and see a geyser or something. Just so we made it to Missoula in time for first pitch I was cool. Now that we had the location and the timeline, all that was left to do was pack. The question is; what do you take on vacation?

We sent the kids off to their rooms to pack what they thought they should take. That can sometimes be a dangerous thing especially when it comes to my ten year-old son. He came back in 5 minutes with his bag packed for the two week trip. He had 2 sweatshirts, a T-shirt, one pair of long pants, and a pair of socks. While that seemed completely reasonable to me; Trina balked at his packing abilities. I quickly made note that she expected at least 4 pair of clean underwear to be packed and more than a single pair of socks.

My daughter Whitney was quite the opposite. After several hours and continuous requests for more luggage she was finally ready. I am not sure whether she left anything in her bedroom when she was finished. I realize that a teenage girl must accessorize but we’re only going to be gone two weeks. We weren’t moving after all. Trina made a nice compromise of fashion and space utilization. She had carefully packed her clothes consisting of warm and cool weather apparel never knowing how the weather would be in Idaho. This left just my things to pack.

Trina assured me that she would be doing laundry so that meant I really only had to pack for a week then I could recycle and start over. I retrieved my Arizona Diamondbacks duffle bag still lamenting that the team had not come out with new Sedona Red luggage and that I was not sure my clothes would be safe in a purple bag. I went into the closet and grabbed all 4 Diamondbacks jerseys that I own, two Diamondbacks T-shirts including my new “Go D-backs or Go Home” shirt. Finally I added my Diamondbacks Sedona Red polo shirt just in case I needed to go somewhere nice. I made sure my shorts were clean and then threw in my Diamondbacks jacket and sweatshirt just in case it gets cold.

With our clothes all packed away the family began bringing everything down to put into the car. Besides the three suitcases I had a few other items that I just couldn’t leave without. First there was my authentic Chase Field stadium seat just like the ones in the stadium. Trina questioned why I needed that. Well duh, what if we are camping and I can pick up the XM Radio station where the Diamondbacks are playing? I’m going to need somewhere to sit while I am listening to the game aren’t I? Next I packed my purple and teal seat cushion.

Again Trina questioned why I needed that. I nearly slipped up and suggested the road trip to Missoula but caught myself at the last moment. Instead I suggested that the seat cushion was necessary because the Chase Field seat was kind of hard as she was well aware. Finally I packed the raw materials for Seat Cushion 2.0. Before Trina could even ask I offered, “just in case you get bored dear you can work on finishing those seat cushions so we can use them on July 13 against the Padres”. With all of these items I was pretty much ready for anything. Who says you have to forget about your loved ones when you are on vacation. I take the Diamondbacks with me wherever I go.

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