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Rockies Part 13

The Arizona Diamondbacks don’t play the Colorado Rockies every week; it just seems that way. This home stand starts with a three game series against the Rockies. Like the Arizona Diamondbacks the Rockies are made up of a core of really good young position players who have had a good run in the second half of the season. Tonight’s game marks the 13th regular season game these two teams will play this year. They will have two more at...

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Time For a Change

It’s funny that the more you love someone the more you seem to take them for granted. At least that is the overwhelming sentiment that Trina explains to me on what seems like a nightly basis. To be honest I had no idea really what she was talking about (again no surprises there if you ask Trina). But this week has given me an opportunity to do a lot of soul searching and re-evaluate my life and my priorities. Our time here on this earth...

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My Waistline Is Not the Only Thing Growing

This time of year is always busy around Major League Baseball. The play-off picture begins to come into focus and the dog days of summer begin to fade into the drive to the post season. And while the Arizona Diamondbacks have struggled as of late they still find themselves clinging to the lead in the National League Western Division or at the very least the lead in the National League Wild Card race. Not all of the buzz around baseball revolves...

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State of the Home Stand Address – August 20-26

With the team now on their way to San Diego for a brief 4 game road trip against the second-place Padres it is now time for the latest installment of my State of the Home Stand Address. For those of you who are new or who have short-term memory loss this is an entry where I discuss my thoughts on the state of the team, the stadium, baseball, or in most cases random thoughts from the just completed home stand. I attempt to identify new things...

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As I have discussed in previous blog entries, I am a big pin collector. I’ve especially been impressed with the types of pins that the Arizona Diamondbacks have produced this season. Each week-end the pin trading board is set up outside the team shop on the main concourse and each week-end I am there to see what people have traded to the board and what new pins they have available. Normally there is a poster sized board next to the pin...

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The Curse of the Lunch Box

Earlier this week I lamented about the fact that the Arizona Diamondbacks giveaway to today’s game was only for children ages 12 and younger. I am not sure what I expected going to Chase Field today. Naively I thought maybe my sad puppy dog eyes would result in an usher having mercy on me and handing me a second lunch box since it was obvious that my son Dakota did not get the hint at how much I wanted one of these. As I walked through...

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Blowing Up Bobble Heads

This series hasn’t really started off too well. First there was the Singles Night phone problem then the Diamondbacks ended up losing the game badly. As I predicted, there were rabid Cubs fans everywhere and they seemed to be even more obnoxious than I had remembered. That statement should be put into perspective and I think my son Dakota summed it up rather well. “Those Chicago fans are nuts! They are not Boston Red Sox nuts but...

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One Single Seat Please

Have you ever had one of those ideas that seem absolutely brilliant when it first comes to you and no matter how hard you try you just cannot find a flaw with the plan? But then inexplicably when you try to implement your idea someone finds a glaring error in your planning and everything comes crashing down like the Hindenburg blimp disaster? I’d like to say that never happens to me but truthfully it happens all too often. I’m an...

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Where Have All the Fans Gone?

Much has been spoken and written in the local media outlets regarding the attendance at Arizona Diamondbacks games. The sports radio talking heads have been calling out fans for months for their lack of commitment that is being shown by the fans at Chase Field. Newspaper columns have likewise complained of the lukewarm reception that the Diamondbacks receive from the local fans. The Arizona Republic has gone as far as to request answers from...

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