Backpack, Backpack

As part of their “back to school” promotions; the Arizona Diamondbacks were offering a kid’s backpack as the giveaway at today’s game. The promotion would give a Sedona Red and black backpack to the first 10,000 kids ages 12 and under who entered the stadium. On the surface you would think that this type of giveaway would have very little impact on the fans since it would serve as a constant reminder that school was about to start if it hadn’t already. I know when I was a kid the last thing I wanted to hear was that someone was celebrating the fact that I was about to be imprisoned inside a small school house for the next nine months. This was especially bad in October since most of the play-off games and World Series games were played during the day. In my mind it was just another way for “the man” to hold me down. What kind of cruel punishment is it that baseball was played during school hours before the Tivo was invented? (To be honest it was before the VCR was invented but I didn’t want it to sound like I grew up in Bedrock and rode a dinosaur to school). Kids today have it so easy, but I digress. I was talking about baseball and backpacks. I didn’t anticipate any issue with this particular giveaway. Unfortunately I was sorely mistaken.

Our kids (technically they are Trina’s kids when they misbehave and my kids on the rare occasions that they do behave but Trina insists that they are community property and therefore must be described as “our kids”) all grew up at Bank One Ballpark/Chase Field with most attending games at a very early age. Now in the year 10 AD (after Diamondbacks) I have one child that fits into the category of age 12 and under. My son Dakota is 10 and now finds himself in a precarious position. Whenever there is a giveaway requiring a child he is the designate to go to the game. This gives him quite a lot of power which he is using to the fullest of his potential. Since he is the sole supplier of his game services he is now holding out with his sisters whenever there is a promotion that they want. Today was a prime example. Tiffany who is 17 desperately wanted a backpack. Whitney who is 13 was also very interested in this give away. Dakota began a bidding war between his two sisters to see who would end up offering him the most for his backpack. I left the room so as not to influence the bidding one way or another. Trina was off in another section of the house so she was unaware of the fact that Dakota was trying to take advantage of the situation. It’s probably just as well that Trina did not know as I am sure she would have had something to say about that and I would have ended up being blamed (as if I had anything to do with it in the first place). In the end Dakota was able to negotiate a new Xbox video game, having his bed made for a week and getting out of kitchen duties for 5 days. He was really hoping to get homework services but neither of his sisters was willing to bend their ethics on that subject. Dakota was pretty proud of himself and I was somewhat impressed. Dakota arrived at Chase Field early and obtained the backpack which is when the trouble really began. Before he had no interest at all in the giveaway if it was associated with school but after seeing the backpack in person he’s not so sure he wants to give it up. I’ve warned him that there is nothing worse than a woman who was double-crossed out of a backpack. Hopefully he will take my advice and hand over the giveaway before anyone gets hurt. Any more giveaways like this and our house could look like World War 3.

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