Blowing Up Bobble Heads

This series hasn’t really started off too well. First there was the Singles Night phone problem then the Diamondbacks ended up losing the game badly. As I predicted, there were rabid Cubs fans everywhere and they seemed to be even more obnoxious than I had remembered. That statement should be put into perspective and I think my son Dakota summed it up rather well. “Those Chicago fans are nuts! They are not Boston Red Sox nuts but they are at least as crazy as Yankee fans! They really need to go home.” The crowd at last night’s game was roughly 15,000 fans more than the Diamondbacks have been averaging and ever one of them had on Cubs merchandise. Tonight’s game would be even worse. First the Cubs won a game which meant that even the part-time Cubs fans would come out of the woodwork. When you have been following a team with a 99 year draught between World Series wins a one game winning streak is a beacon of optimism. Second, the Diamondbacks marketing department in their infinite wisdom scheduled a bobble head night during a series when the home fans were outnumbered 3-1. For Randy Johnson bobble head night we had to endure Red Sox fans which was bad enough but with Cubs fans in attendance tonight would be Mark Grace bobble head night. Yes the same Mark Grace who was a long time Chicago Cub and who left the city and came to the desert where he struck gold winning a World Series title. Tonight may as we have been “Salt in your wounds” night at the ballpark.

As has been the case on every other bobble head night this season, I had purchased extra seats to allow all of the kids to attend the game. So tonight I would be taking Tiffany, Whitney, and Dakota with me to the ballpark. When the kids have not attended a game in person they watch it at home since they know that I am going to quiz them about what happened during the game when I get home. For the past several games they had noticed a larger than normal number of signs in the stands. I explained that the Diamondbacks were encouraging signs and were even awarding prizes for those that were particularly entertaining. Tiffany and Whitney decided that they were creative enough that they should be able to come up with something that would get them a prize. Armed with poster board, markers, paint, and scissors the girls locked themselves in their room to prepare for competition. Throughout the day I would wander by their room and the closed door and I could hear laughing, cutting, arguing, and what I could have sworn was the soundtrack to the movie Frankenstein. Finally they emerged dressed for the game in their jerseys and carrying a sign.

We drove to the stadium, the two girls in the back seat very proud of the work they had done. Their poster was a 3 foot replica of the Mark Grace bobble head being handed out at the game. Grace’s head was a separate poster attached to a stick with a slot in the first poster where the stick would go. They could then stand behind the poster and move the stick making the head bobble on their poster. It was quite ingenious if I do say so. Dakota was feeling slightly left out since they would not let him help with the poster. Going through the turnstiles the girls got a lot of positive feedback on their poster which made Dakota feel even worse. Rather than see him depressed I suggested that we go to the D-votion table where he could make his own sign. This perked him right up. I took him to the line then let him design his own sign that he could hold up. When he finished he was very proud of himself and the work he had done. Standing at the main doorway to the stadium Dakota held up his sign so that everyone entering could see his work. Diamondbacks fans entering the stadium read his sign and laughed as they walked by. Cubs fans had a slightly annoyed look on their faces. Curious I turned to see what he wrote that was causing such a commotion. There in large black lettering on a Sedona Red poster board was written, “D-backs Rule, Cubbies Drool!” Oh man, if Trina ever finds out what happens at the ballgame when she is not here I may never be allowed to take the kids again.

The game was great. We each got a bobble head, the kids got on the JumboTron with their signs, and Dakota didn’t get us killed. All in all I would have to say it was a success. All that is left to do is to destroy the sign evidence before we get home and Trina will never be the wiser.

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