As I have discussed in previous blog entries, I am a big pin collector. I’ve especially been impressed with the types of pins that the Arizona Diamondbacks have produced this season. Each week-end the pin trading board is set up outside the team shop on the main concourse and each week-end I am there to see what people have traded to the board and what new pins they have available. Normally there is a poster sized board next to the pin trading station showing any new pins that are planned to be released. The Diamondbacks have implemented a pin of the month where they have a limited edition pin commemorating a player or event from the 2007 season. All year long I have been waiting for the August pin and finally it was here.

The August pin was designed to commemorate the Chicago Cubs coming to Chase Field. It is not your normal Cloisonné style of pin. The August pin is a lenticular pin showing the Diamondbacks logo and the Cubs logo as one image and the date of the series when you move the pin. I am always a sucker for anything that moves. Trina suggests that is because I have a limited attention span and that I am easily entertained by moving parts. She might be right (but I’ll never tell her that). My quest for the August lenticular pin has lasted all month. Before each game I would go to each team shop and every team shop booth looking for the pin only to be told that they had not been released yet. My paranoia of missing this pin was somewhat warranted. In June the Diamondbacks had commissioned a pin to commemorate the Boston Red Sox first regular season appearance at Chase Field. I underestimated the popularity of that pin and found myself frantically running around the stadium during the first game of that Interleague series trying desperately to find one for my collection. I missed out and I am now destined to scour the bowels of eBay to find someone willing to sell their pin. Fortunately I won’t have a similar fate with the Cubs pin. I happened to find them on a rack behind the registers at one of the team shop and purchased this special memento. I took my new treasure down to my seat and took it out of its package. Between innings I would look at the pin and move it back and forth to make the image change. Trina is right, I am easily entertained.

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