We Got Us a Convoy

For the past several games we have been getting teasers about Saturday’s game. First the time change. Instead of a normal 6:40 PM start time today’s game has been changed to 5:05 PM. It seems the Diamondbacks have gotten a few complaints and comments that 6:40 is not a good time for weekend baseball. By the time the game ends the evening is shot (funny, I thought the game was the evening). Fans with families commented that it does make for a long night for the kids especially with Sunday games scheduled for 1:40 PM. Not much of a turnaround time for many people. As an experiment the Diamondbacks are moving tonight’s game and see if 5:05 PM makes any difference. Personally they could have moved the game 1:00 AM and I would still be there so they are obviously not catering to my schedule. It did make me wonder whether I could make game schedule requests. My parents 50th wedding anniversary is on July 18, 2008 so if the Diamondbacks have any say at all with the scheduling people I would really appreciate it if they could make that an away game preferably on national television. So far my mom has been less than thrilled with my commitment to be at their celebration “as long as there is not a Diamondbacks game that weekend”. She did help raise me so I have to think part of this is her fault.

Besides the earlier start time, we were also made aware that there would b a giveaway at tonight’s game. Not just any giveaway, oh no. We are going to get authentic trucker hats. Wow, authentic trucker hats sound cool! Wait, what exactly is a trucker’s hat? That was a question I was just dying to find out. When you hear someone say you are going to get a trucker hat you just assume that you’ll have an opportunity to get some other trucker gear too. I fully expected to find 18-wheelers parked around Chase Field with very large men with larger stomachs checking tire pressures and looking for showers. I’ve watched enough late night television to know all about truck driving school and how you can “become your own man”. I’ve often thought being my own man would be cool so this would be perfect. I wondered if maybe the Diamondbacks would change some of the menus at the concession stand to celebrate trucker night. There is nothing quite like a good piece of beef jerky followed by a bag of Funions. I know Circle K is a big sponsor of the Diamondbacks; maybe they would include one of those tub-o-soda containers that hold 3.5 gallons of soft drink. I really wasn’t prepared, I needed to go to Checker Auto Parts and get one of those wooden ball seat covers so that I could get a massage while sitting in the stands watching the game. And I would need one of those evergreen tree air fresheners to make section 132 row 15 smell good. I need to find a pair of cowboy boots and a huge belt buckle. From the truck stops I have been to those seem to be the uniform that most of these drivers wear. Maybe they can get Burt Reynolds to dress up like Bo Darville and come in black Trans-Am to throw out the first pitch. Everybody loves the “Bandit”. I can’t help but wonder why the Diamondbacks waited for the Nationals to come to town for trucker night. It would have been a much better tie-in with the Atlanta Braves since TBS seems to play Smokey and the Bandit 24 hours a day. I was thinking maybe the Diamondbacks should move their radio broadcast off KTAR for tonight and instead use a CB Radio to call the game. That would be awesome! I really hope C.W. McCall is there to sing that 1976 classic hit “Convoy” during the seventh inning stretch. Who could possibly forget:

Cause we gotta little ol’ convoy, rockin’ through the night

Yeah we gotta little ol’ convoy, ain’t she a beautiful sight?

Come on an’ join our convoy, ain’t nothin’ gonna git in our way

We’re gonna roll this truckin’ convoy, cross the USA

Convoy… Convoy…

Yeah this game should be more fun than Smokey and the Bandit 2 and Smokey and the Bandit III put together.

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