I feel like I write a lot about the Arizona Diamondbacks promotional schedule. With the exception of the bobble head dolls and the dreaded lunch box there were not many of the promotional items that I really cared about. That is not to say that I didn’t like them; quite the contrary I think the Diamondbacks marketing department should be commended for the promotions they have had. What I meant was that I had not marked any of the promotional days as “must have”. I’m not really sure what that means though because I am always at the game early to make sure I am included in the number of free gifts that are being handed out. In many cases I have been pleasantly surprised at the giveaway. Trina seems to be slightly less enthusiastic. As the season begins to wind down I am hearing more and more complaints from her about how our home is looking more and more like a Diamondbacks Team Shop. I took that as a compliment but she has assured me that it was not meant to be.

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