The recent home stand by the Arizona Diamondbacks was especially rewarding. Not only were there 6 exciting games to watch but the games were all meaningful having play-off implications. The first three game series was against National League Western Division rivals the San Diego Padres. The teams entered the series tied and after a couple of hard earned victories the Diamondbacks left the series with a one game lead in the west. After a well deserved off day the Diamondbacks started a three game series against the charging St. Louis Cardinals. I had expected at least a split and potentially for the Diamondbacks to lose that series but the team is now starting to hit their stride in yet another winning streak and swept the Cardinals and in the process extending their lead over the other teams in the NL West. Arizona now leaves on a six game road trip to the West Coast against divisional rivals San Francisco and Los Angeles. These next six games will be crucial to their play-off hopes. For now though let’s concentrate on the past home stand with the latest state of the home stand address.

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