The schedule noted a day off for the Arizona Diamondbacks. The team desperately needs this day to help them to regroup and in many cases heal from the nagging injuries that occur over the course of 147 games. The team starts an important three game series with the surging Los Angeles Dodgers tomorrow which is all the more reason for them to kick back and relax for a day before getting back into the grind. It is a little bit different for a fan. With the exception of a few paper cuts from turning pages in the scorebook and trying to heal from when I got a piece of peanut shell in my eye I don’t have a lot of injuries to show for this season. Oh sure there is the usual writer’s cramp that occurs when there is an extended home stand with extra inning games but that is why we have Spring Training so we can get into shape for the long regular season. Since I don’t have any injuries that would require me to rest I am left trying to find something to do with myself on a day where there is no Diamondbacks baseball. I briefly thought about watching the Dodgers and Padres game but I am not sure who I would root for and I have enough stress in my life without adding any more to my blood pressure.

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