It seems like only yesterday that I was eagerly awaiting delivery of our season tickets that would signify our troop readiness to PLAYCON 5. I remember fondly carefully opening that package and seeing the booklet that contained tickets for each home game of the 2007 season. I reverently turned each page admiring the artwork and tried to imagine what each game would be like. At that time September 23 seemed like an eternity away. So many things could occur over the course of 81 home games and I held in my hand the keys to those dreams. Each of those tickets was special and represented a chance to be a part of history. You never know what may occur when you enter through the turnstiles. This may be the night you witness a perfect game or an unassisted triple play. It may be a night where a rookie makes his big league debut or it may be a farewell game to a player you have followed his whole career. This ticket booklet held all the hopes and dreams of the 2007 baseball season that would play out at Chase Field and these 81 pieces of paper guaranteed I would be able to be a part of that.

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