About the only thing lacking from this three game series with the Pittsburgh Pirates was a visit by Captain Jack Sparrow. Over the course of the first two games the boys from Pittsburgh pillaged and plundered the treasure chest of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Obviously someone forgot to read their script. This was supposed to be a romantic comedy not a swashbuckling adventure film. The Diamondbacks were to play the part of the lovable clean-cut boys next door out for a cross-country sightseeing drive with the top down and the wind blowing through their hair. Fans around the country would fall in love with these guys as they cruised to a play-off spot with the youngest team in the National League. A duet of The Boys of Summer by old school rocker Don Henley and new age rockers The Ataris would blend together to show how the rookies and veterans on this ball club melded to form a cohesive atmosphere in the clubhouse which in turn led to success on the diamond. It was the perfect story, something that summer Hollywood blockbusters are made of. Problem was that the Pirates were reading from a different story.

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