April 2nd seems like so long ago. We had so many hopes and dreams for the 2007 season. There I was in Denver Colorado eagerly awaiting what I hoped would be an exciting beginning to a 162 season. The core players for the Arizona Diamondbacks were young and inexperienced. I was hoping that this season would give them the opportunity to learn what the Major League game was like so that they could parlay that into a serious play-off run in 2008. The Colorado Rockies were in a very similar situation. They too had a fairly young ball club and were also hoping to gain some experience that they could use to build upon next year. I remember watching both teams warm up at Coors Field. None of these young kids seemed to be overwhelmed at the thought of starting on Opening Day. I was just in the stands and I was nervous so I was impressed to see that at least outwardly these players had somehow overcome their anxiety as they prepared for work. One hundred sixty-two baseball games is a very long time so this game marked the beginning of what many refer to as a marathon. No one could anticipate how this race would unfold. No one knew how either one of these participants would react to a race this long. There are so many things that can get in the way of success. Injuries can occur to key components. Trades can be made both good and bad that will change the outcome. Players can fail to adapt putting themselves in a difficult situation from which they cannot recover. There are just too many variables to accurately predict the outcome of a race that lasts six months. This year though in what looks like a genius scheduling move the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies return to the place where the season started bringing the 2007 regular season full circle.

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