Bobble Heads, the Final Chapter

Since March when the promotion schedule was released for the Arizona Diamondbacks this has been one of those Sedona Red letter days that have been circled on the calendar. It is the fifth and final bobble head giveaway for the 2007 regular season. Like for the previous four bobble head days I had purchased extra tickets to allow more of the kids to attend the game. So how did this bobble head day compare to the others?

One of the great ideas that the Diamondbacks had was to standardize bobble head days on Saturdays. This is awesome for a couple of reasons. First it is a weekend game meaning that I don’t have to worry about the kids being out late on a school night. Not that I would really care since in my mind baseball takes precedence over school but according to the education establishment which my wife is a part of I am in the minority in my assessment. Bobble head promotions are generally very popular with the fans at Chase Field. As such you can always expect to see big crowds at the game. This leads me to my second reason why I like bobble head days to be on Saturday. As a season ticket holder we get into the stadium 30 minutes prior to the gates opening. This is awesome as it allows us to avoid the long lines generally associated with bobble head days. This doesn’t exactly endure us to fans who are waiting outside in the triple digit weather but that is the price you pay for not being a season ticket holder.

I’ve often wondered how the Diamondbacks select which dates to offer which giveaways. Given the large number of people who seem to want bobble head dolls it always confused me why these are offered during a series that historically has drawn well. Take this year for example; the three teams that probably draw the largest crowds without a giveaway are the ones where the Diamondbacks offered bobble heads. Randy Johnson bobble head was during the Red Sox series on the game that broke a record for largest crowd in Chase Field history. The Mark Grace bobble head was offered during the series with the Chicago Cubs and again was near capacity. Tonight’s Conor Jackson bobble head is at a game with the St. Louis Cardinals who again draw quite well without a giveaway. I’m not complaining, I’m just curious why they chose these dates. I would have thought that you offered your best giveaway items against teams that draw poorly in hopes that the giveaway would bring people to the ballpark. Maybe people value bobble heads less than my family. Either that or maybe the thinking there is not a bobble head cool enough to bring fans to the game to watch the Pittsburgh Pirates. As predicted tonight’s game was the largest attended in the three game series with over 45,000 fans in the seats. The kids and I we able to get the bobble head thereby completing our 2007 set. I now have all the bobble heads given away by the Diamondbacks since their inception. They are lined up neatly across the top of my desk and if I bump the table just right all of them will nod in unison when I ask them a question. Tonight when I added Conor Jackson to his rightful spot I introduced him to the other bobble heads then asked them all, “will the Arizona Diamondbacks make the play-offs?” According to the bobble heads; that is a definite yes!

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