Memories of the Madness

It’s hard to believe that it has been 6 years since the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City and hence 6 years since baseball suspended games for a brief period of time while the country mourned the loss of loved ones and devastation of property. For most of the country this seems like a distant memory but for those who lost someone or who lives in the area impacted by the attack there are still constant reminders of the horror of that day.

I’ve never been to New York so most of my thoughts and memories are those that I watched unfold on the television or the accounts I have heard from people who have been to the World Trade Center site. Baseball also seems to have forgotten or at least lessened the memory of that day. I had hoped that Major League Baseball would have brought back the United States Flag patch that adorned the backs of the uniforms or offer team hats with an American Flag stitched to the side but at least in Arizona and Los Angeles this was not the case. It would have taken so little to do yet the marketing arm of MLB again seemed to miss a golden opportunity to gain a little notoriety and recognize the actions that occurred during a dark time in American History. Granted it was nice to see the New York teams wear hats recognizing the New York Fire Department and Police Department but this was a national event not something that impacted a single city. All of our lives changed that day. We will never return to the level of comfort or be as casual as we were before September 11, 2001. I would have hoped Major League Baseball would recognize that and do something accordingly. Perhaps they didn’t want to commercialize the event but I don’t think baseball fans would have seen it that way. It would have just been a way for us to commemorate something that impacted us as a country and act as a reminder that the world is not as safe as we once thought it was.

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