State of the Home Stand Address – August 31 – September 9

The recent home stand by the Arizona Diamondbacks was especially rewarding. Not only were there 6 exciting games to watch but the games were all meaningful having play-off implications. The first three game series was against National League Western Division rivals the San Diego Padres. The teams entered the series tied and after a couple of hard earned victories the Diamondbacks left the series with a one game lead in the west. After a well deserved off day the Diamondbacks started a three game series against the charging St. Louis Cardinals. I had expected at least a split and potentially for the Diamondbacks to lose that series but the team is now starting to hit their stride in yet another winning streak and swept the Cardinals and in the process extending their lead over the other teams in the NL West. Arizona now leaves on a six game road trip to the West Coast against divisional rivals San Francisco and Los Angeles. These next six games will be crucial to their play-off hopes. For now though let’s concentrate on the past home stand with the latest state of the home stand address.

With the regular season beginning to wind down the Diamondbacks made few changes to Chase Field. The crowds at this home stand were slightly above seasonal averages. This in part is attributed to the team being in first place and in a play-off chase and partly due to the teams featured in this series. The Padres are not a huge draw but they are not a drain either. The Cardinals have always drawn well at Chase Field and continued to do so during this series as well. Attendance was also helped with the final bobble head giveaway for the 2007 season. This event brought extra fans to the stadium and allowed the team to get within 2500 seats of a sell-out. The Friday night game also saw an increase in attendance thanks in part to the Smash Mouth concert after the game. The concert was well attended and the demographic of the fans was quite varied. The concert like all others this season had the band on a flat bed trailer along the first base side. I completely understand that location to try and save the infield grass from wear and tear but it does make it a hassle for three-quarters of the fans in the stadium that have to battle with those who are in those seats. The sound quality in all parts of the stadium other than the first base side was horrible. After Saturday’s bobble head game the Diamondbacks featured another fireworks display sponsored by Gila River Casinos. It was very good and all the fans seemed to enjoy it. There is one more fireworks display planned for Saturday September 22 and I would definitely recommend attending.

The Arizona Diamondbacks sent a free gift to season tickets that included $150 in food vouchers to Levy concession stands around Chase Field. These were gratefully accepted in our house and some were used during this home stand. I have to admit we have fallen into somewhat of a rut in what we eat at the ballpark with each member of our family having their own personal favorite. With these certificates we were forced to expand our horizons to try additional food items and some of them were a pleasant surprise. At Taste of the Majors I tried the jalapeno pepper burger and also the Texas burger and both were pretty good. They are relatively large and filling so take that into consideration. The one problem is that the Taste of the Majors on the main concourse has to be the slowest service of any concession stand in the stadium. Even when no one is in line it still takes a long time to get your food. So don’t wait until the last minute like I did to order or you will find that you’ll miss first pitch.

For the most part the stadium and the games went very well. The team shop is now out of Sedona Red women’s jerseys and no one could say whether they would be getting any more in before season end. This depressed my daughter who had been saving her money to get one. The Diamondbacks have a 30 percent off sale on authentic jerseys that will continue until the conclusion of the last home stand so if you have waited to get a jersey now might be a good time. The final pin of the month was released and is available at the team shop so if you have been collecting those you might stop by to complete your series before they sell out.

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