Thumbs Down for O-Dog

In a game earlier this week with the San Diego Padres; Arizona Diamondbacks second baseman Orlando Hudson raced around second base and headed for third. In a relatively close play O-Dog slid into the bag and was called safe. The Diamondbacks fans in attendance cheered at the aggressive base running. When Hudson got to his feet he called time out and walked around the base. I turned to Trina and commented that it appeared Orlando Hudson was hurt. He wasn’t limping and stayed in the game but something about the way he got up from that play made me think something was not quite right. A couple of innings later Hudson was removed from the line-up. The game was going well for the Diamondbacks so it could have been a precautionary measure to give him some rest but again something didn’t seem right. After the game manager Bob Melvin in his post-game press conference announced that Hudson had injured his thumb and would go in for tests to determine the extent of the injury. Diamondbacks fans everywhere held their collective breath wondering whether the injury was serious or not.

The next day Orlando Hudson had an MRI on his thumb and doctors diagnosed damage to the ligaments in his thumb. The typical solution for an injury such as this is surgery. Hudson did not want to prematurely end his season and therefore opted to give the thumb a few days rest before making a decision. Those few days had Hudson on the bench during the game which must have frustrated him as well as Bob Melvin since Hudson sat next to Melvin the whole game and as is his nature he was talking non-stop. Today the Diamondbacks announced that rest had not helped Hudson’s condition and that he would go in for surgery tomorrow thereby ending his season. This is a huge blow to the Diamondbacks. Not only are they losing a gold glove second baseman during the push for the play-offs but they are also losing one of their on-field leaders. Hudson along with Eric Byrnes are the two “elder statesman” starters having the most experience of any of the Diamondbacks starters. O-Dog is one who the other players consistently look to for guidance and inspiration. Now with only three weeks left in the season he will not be patrolling second base nor will he be there to position Justin Upton in right field or calm Jose Valverde when things don’t go just right in the ninth inning. The Diamondbacks will have to show their resilience by having someone on the bench step up. While that player will never be able to replace Orlando Hudson they will need to be at the top of their game if the Diamondbacks have any hope of making the post season. We all wish Orlando Hudson the very best and pray that things will go well for him and he can quickly begin to heal and start his rehabilitation. I tried looking this up on but couldn’t verify this fact for sure but I think that the time that Orlando Hudson is in surgery may be the first time in his career or perhaps his whole life when he was not talking. That has to be some kind of record.

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