Tracy Takes a Knee

It seems like only a week ago that we were cheering at the thought of third baseman Chad Tracy returning from the disabled list. Tracy has been struggling for most of the season with a knee that has been giving him trouble. The thought was that a little bit of rest would help Chad to heal enough so that he could contribute. On paper that sounded great but in reality it didn’t work out quite that well. The rest did not seem to help and Tracy found himself unable to accomplish the things he wanted to do. Additional tests were run and it became clear that surgery was probably the correct treatment for him to finally get better. So with only 9 games remaining and in the middle of a play-off run Chad Tracy’s season was over.

The diagnosis on Tracy’s injury was that he had fragments floating around his knee that needed to be removed. He would also undergo micro-fracture surgery to correct the problems he has been experiencing. Micro-fracture surgery is one of those things that make you cringe just hearing the words. Micro-fracture surgery is an orthopedic technique where doctors attempt to have the patient restore knee cartilage by creating tiny fractures to the bones adjacent to the knee area. These small fractures trigger the body to develop cartilage thereby making the overall area stronger than before. The problem with this type of surgery is that it takes the human body several months to develop and strengthen the cartilage necessary to stabilize the joint. Best case scenario from this type of surgical procedure is 3-4 months while many recipients have been known to take 8-9 months to fully recover. This means that Tracy is not only unavailable for a potential post season run but he may miss a relatively large chunk of the 2008 season as well. Suddenly the waiver wire claim of Jeff Cirillo is looking like a brilliant move by the Diamondbacks. I less than a month Arizona has gone from having a log-jam of corner infielders to wondering whether they have the necessary depth to compete this season. Hopefully Tracy’s surgery which is scheduled for today will go without incident and that he will soon be travelling down the road to recovery.

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