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Trick or Treat

As a kid you just had to love Halloween. What could be better than dressing up as a favorite character and go door-to-door and have people give you free candy? When we were kids we started trick-or-treating almost as soon as school let out and didn’t get home until nearly 10 PM. Our diet for the night consisted of whatever we got at the house we just visited. It was an innocent time filled with childhood dreams. As I have gotten older...

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It’s Taco Tuesday

I am not much of a Boston Red Sox fan. In fact the only team I like less than the Red Sox is the Colorado Rockies and their new mouthpiece, the “great Troy Tulowitzki”. That is why this year’s World Series was such a struggle for me. Asking me to choose a winner was like asking which side of Satan’s profile do you prefer. If I would have had my way it would have begun to snow in Boston and Denver on October 24 and not...

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Have You Got the Time?

For the past week I have been attempting to piece together the Arizona Diamondbacks 2008 schedule. It’s like trying to discover the lost continent of Atlantis or something. You think there should be another continent but there are more superstitions and urban myths than there are hard facts as to where it is located. In the case of the Diamondbacks schedule, you have to follow the trail of bread crumbs then see if they all match up to...

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If the Tables Had Turned

You would like to look back over the 2007 World Series and point to one or two plays that were a turning point to a closely matched series. Instead history will show a hot team that cooled in the high mountain air waiting 8 days to meet their opponent. Their opponent on the other hand battled back from a huge deficit to win their League Championship series in a tough seven game series and with momentum on their side they were able to take...

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Baseball From Mount Everest

Today marked Game 3 of the 2007 World Series. For the first time in the history of Major League Baseball it was being played a mile above sea level. This was indeed a “high point” for this World Series. (I’m sorry; I just could not resist that.) Playing at altitude is not without its challenges. First, the air is much thinner. That has positive and negative implications. For those players who have not had the opportunity of...

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With today being a travel day for the World Series you would have expected me to be a little off my game. Normally on days where there is no baseball I could best be compared to one of the polar bears at the zoo. Every time I ever go to a zoo I have to stop by the polar bear exhibit. There the magnificent white bear can be found pacing back and forth. They attempt to climb out but cannot seem to find a way to plot their escape. They try...

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Wish You Were Here

As an Arizona Diamondbacks fan it was hard to watch last night’s debacle of Game 1 of the World Series and not say to yourself, “wow the Diamondbacks could have done better than that.” There was probably a few Little League coaches around the world who had similar thoughts pass through their heads as well. It was not so much that the Rockies had lost game 1 it was the manner in which they lost game 1. They were completely...

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The Fall Classic

In most years this is a date that I anxiously look forward to. It is the first game of the World Series. This is the epitome of what all baseball players hope to obtain. Some players play their whole career and never get any closer to the World Series than what I do as a fan. There are literally hundreds of ballplayers who like me will be glued to their television sets watching each inning unfold evaluating the performances of the players and...

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Weather It’s Good or Bad

When the baseball season began in April, weather was a major story. In Cleveland fans filed in to Jacob’s Field to watch the Indians host the Seattle Mariners. The game was called due to inclement weather. That usually means that rain showers caused the game to be rescheduled. In this case it was snow that postponed the game. The teams attempted again to play only to be thwarted by the weather. The extended forecast did not look promising...

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