For the past month the Arizona Diamondbacks like all other teams in Major League Baseball have had the luxury of playing with an expanded roster after the September call-ups. The expanded roster is an interesting concept. For the first 5 months of the season baseball plays with a set of rules that state that a team may have only 25 active players on their roster. Beginning on September 1 the rules change and teams can have up to 40 players available on their active roster. It always struck me as strange that baseball would change the rules when the games matter the most. Adding to the confusion is the fact that once a team enters the post season the rules revert back to allowing only 25 active players on the roster. Teams are required to submit their rosters prior to the first game and this roster remains in effect until that round of the play-offs have completed. A team has the opportunity to change their roster prior to the beginning of each round of the play-offs. For the Arizona Diamondbacks, they must decide which players to identify on their active roster by 10 AM Wednesday October 3. The question becomes, who should the Diamondbacks have active for the five game series with the Chicago Cubs?

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