From the moment that the Arizona Diamondbacks clinched a play-off berth all the talk outside of Arizona was how quickly the Diamondbacks would be eliminated. There was no way a team as young as this one could possibly do well in the post season. Arizona had no business being in the play-offs. They had no experience and their run differential statistics showed that this team was overachieving. It was only a matter of time before these young kids would wake up and realize that they weren’t that good. When the Colorado Rockies became the Wild Card team the Diamondbacks were christened the least likely team to be in the play-offs. That statement resonated throughout the airwaves on radio stations, television, and the printed media. It didn’t seem to matter that this team had the best record in the National League that had to be just a fluke. But not only were the Diamondbacks players being disrespected, so were their fans.

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