I awoke this morning, the first rays of the rising sun made their way through the window giving the room a warm Sedona Red glow. Ok maybe it wasn’t exactly Sedona Red but it was close. It’s funny; after Monday night’s game in Denver I wasn’t sure the sun would ever rise again a sentiment that I think was shared by a large contingent of Arizona Diamondbacks fans. No matter how much the 2007 Arizona Diamondbacks exceeded everyone’s expectations to make their way not only to the play-offs but all the way to the National League Championship Series there was still the painful realization that the home team had been eliminated and would not be playing any more baseball in 2007; or would they? Could it have been that I had just had a horrible nightmare and the four game sweep at the hands of the Colorado Rockies was just a bad dream brought upon by eating Dryers Cookie Dough ice cream with maraschino cherries right before bed?

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