When the baseball season began in April, weather was a major story. In Cleveland fans filed in to Jacob’s Field to watch the Indians host the Seattle Mariners. The game was called due to inclement weather. That usually means that rain showers caused the game to be rescheduled. In this case it was snow that postponed the game. The teams attempted again to play only to be thwarted by the weather. The extended forecast did not look promising either causing the Indians to move one series to Milwaukee where they could play under the cover of a retractable dome. Many people questioned what the schedulers at Major League Baseball were thinking when they proposed that Cleveland host a series in early April. Now we fast forward to Sunday October 21, 2007 and the Boston Red Sox are hosting the Cleveland Indians in game 7 of the American League Championship Series. This is one of the latest dates scheduled for the ALCS and with the format of the World Series it would place game 7 into November for only the second time in Major League Baseball history. The only other time baseball has been played in November was in 2001 and this was due to the delay in the season as a result of the tragedy on 9/11. So really, this season is the first time that Major League Baseball willingly chose to play baseball in November. The question is, whether weather will play a role in this year’s Fall Classic.

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