As an Arizona Diamondbacks fan it was hard to watch last night’s debacle of Game 1 of the World Series and not say to yourself, “wow the Diamondbacks could have done better than that.” There was probably a few Little League coaches around the world who had similar thoughts pass through their heads as well. It was not so much that the Rockies had lost game 1 it was the manner in which they lost game 1. They were completely outplayed in pretty much every aspect of the game. The most telling sign was the 12 strike-outs recorded by Red Sox pitchers. Seven of the nine batters in the Rockies lineup struck out being led by Brad Hawpe who fanned 4 times in an 0-4 night. This was definitely one of those games that you just left the ballpark and went back to the hotel and crawled in bed pulling the blankets over your head and waited for morning to arrive. Perhaps Game 2 would be more favorable to the visiting team.

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