With today being a travel day for the World Series you would have expected me to be a little off my game. Normally on days where there is no baseball I could best be compared to one of the polar bears at the zoo. Every time I ever go to a zoo I have to stop by the polar bear exhibit. There the magnificent white bear can be found pacing back and forth. They attempt to climb out but cannot seem to find a way to plot their escape. They try swimming in the moat that surrounds the exhibit but it too blocks any and all exit points. Now wet and cold the bear sits and stares out at the world not exactly sure what to do with himself. If you put a Sedona Red jersey and an official New Era Diamondbacks hat on the bear we could probably be twins. Well except for the fact that I don’t have a coat of white fir covering my body and I really don’t appreciate it when my handler (in this case Trina) throws raw fish in my direction thinking that I will pick it up and eat it with my bare (or is that bear?) paws. So the question becomes, what exactly is a bear to do when baseball season has gone into hibernation?

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