With today being a travel day for the World Series you would have expected me to be a little off my game. Normally on days where there is no baseball I could best be compared to one of the polar bears at the zoo. Every time I ever go to a zoo I have to stop by the polar bear exhibit. There the magnificent white bear can be found pacing back and forth. They attempt to climb out but cannot seem to find a way to plot their escape. They try swimming in the moat that surrounds the exhibit but it too blocks any and all exit points. Now wet and cold the bear sits and stares out at the world not exactly sure what to do with himself. If you put a Sedona Red jersey and an official New Era Diamondbacks hat on the bear we could probably be twins. Well except for the fact that I don’t have a coat of white fir covering my body and I really don’t appreciate it when my handler (in this case Trina) throws raw fish in my direction thinking that I will pick it up and eat it with my bare (or is that bear?) paws. So the question becomes, what exactly is a bear to do when baseball season has gone into hibernation?

Well if it is the end of October there are a few alternatives none of which have much of anything to do with baseball. Trina has a calendar attached to the side of the refrigerator. On it is listed important events such as Diamondbacks games, birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. By the way according to Trina that is not necessarily the correct order of priority and importance. In fact she seemed to allude to the fact that the listed priority is exactly opposite of what it should be. Anyway, besides these items that are written in ink, there are several other activities that Trina has penciled onto the calendar. One such event happened to land on today. Normally I don’t look at the calendar from the day after the last day of the season until Spring Training starts but for some odd reason I glanced at it today. Next to today’s date was a star and next to it was written “Trunk-or-treat”.

Trunk-or-treat is an interest activity that seems to be a product of local tradition. People in the neighborhood gather at a local church parking lot and park their cars around the perimeter with their car trunks facing in. Each driver has decorated their trunk in Halloween decorations. The adults then sit in lawn chairs while the small children come around dressed in their costumes and beg for candy. There is a costume parade for all the little Trunk-or-treaters with prizes given out for best costume. There is also a trunk decorating contest for the adults. Besides the candy exchange there is also a tailgate style dinner for all the participants. I never quite understood the whole concept of Trunk-or-treat but Trina and the kids find it a lot of fun. Trina spends quite a lot of time on her decorations and is usually among the winners. I usually just go along for the ride content to sit at the back of the car and hand out massive amounts of sugar products to stunt the growth of young children. Participants are supposed to dress up for the event. I’m still not feeling very festive after the Diamondbacks quick departure from post season play but the last thing I needed was to suffer the wrath of Trina. I went up in the closet to see if I could put together a costume. For a brief moment I considered wearing a Colorado Rockies hat combined with a set of devil horns. If anyone asked what I was supposed to be I would say I am “the great Troy Tulowitzki”. The problem with that costume was that I just couldn’t force myself to put a Rockies hat on my head. After several minutes of contemplation I chose my costume and went to the trunk-or-treat. Children would come by and ask for candy then ask me what my costume represented. I was shocked that they could not figure it out. I was wearing my black Diamondbacks jersey, my black Diamondbacks hat, and a black scarf across my face. It thought it was pretty obvious that I was a mourning Diamondbacks fan.

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