Wish You Were Here

As an Arizona Diamondbacks fan it was hard to watch last night’s debacle of Game 1 of the World Series and not say to yourself, “wow the Diamondbacks could have done better than that.” There was probably a few Little League coaches around the world who had similar thoughts pass through their heads as well. It was not so much that the Rockies had lost game 1 it was the manner in which they lost game 1. They were completely outplayed in pretty much every aspect of the game. The most telling sign was the 12 strike-outs recorded by Red Sox pitchers. Seven of the nine batters in the Rockies lineup struck out being led by Brad Hawpe who fanned 4 times in an 0-4 night. This was definitely one of those games that you just left the ballpark and went back to the hotel and crawled in bed pulling the blankets over your head and waited for morning to arrive. Perhaps Game 2 would be more favorable to the visiting team.

For four brutal nights Arizona Diamondbacks fans watched in horror as their team saw the opposition beat their team. Balls that should have been caught magically made their way through fielders to record a hit. Pitches that appeared to slip out of the pitcher’s hand suddenly crossed the plate and were called strikes. Close plays on the base paths always seemed to go in favor of the other team. It was the most frustrating week of my life. I completely understood where Eric Byrnes was coming from when he proclaimed that the Diamondbacks had outplayed the Rockies but found themselves down 2-0.

The Rockies fans took that as an insult feeling they had the superior team. How dare Byrnes suggest that the Rockies were not a team of destiny and did not deserve to win each and every game. With Game 2 of the World Series the Rockies fans should begin to feel some empathy and understand Byrnes words a little clearer. After having their head handed to them on a platter in the first game the Rockies seemed better prepared for Game 2. Willy Taveras began the game getting hit by a pitch and scored to put the Rockies up 1-0. This felt very similar to Game 1 of the NLCS when the Diamondbacks scored first and it felt like momentum was starting to swing their way. Unfortunately, the Rockies like the Diamondbacks found their lead and their momentum short lived. In the NLCS the Diamondbacks went on to lose the lead and the game putting themselves in a whole. In the World Series the Rockies saw their lead likewise vanish and saw their team lose for the second night in a row to go down 2-0 in the best of seven series. It’s funny; I thought vindication would taste sweeter than this.

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