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The Game of Arbitration

Salary arbitration is always a weird subject. It is one of those things that is rarely understood by the average baseball fan and one of those quirky things that always seems to be part of the collective bargaining agreement each time it is signed. The origin of salary arbitration started out simple enough. Owners were becoming frustrated when players would hold out at Spring Training because they felt they were being undervalued. The players...

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Odd Man Out

Prior to the 2007 season the Arizona Diamondbacks were marketing and showcasing their plethora of young talent that would make up their team. The future looked so bright with a core of young players who had come up through the minor leagues together and were now ready to show their stuff at the Major League level. The Diamondbacks web site echoed this by featuring several players in the heading. There was Cy Young award winner Brandon Webb and...

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Mr. Complete Game

The latest name to be pursing the lips of eager Arizona Diamondbacks fans is Hiroki Kuroda. Wait what was that name again? Hiroki Kuroda. Like most Americans I tied my tongue in a knot that would have made many a Boy Scout proud as I attempted to pronounce his name. And as like many people from the United States, if I can’t speak a foreign language and can’t seem to get the pronunciation correct; I just speak louder. THE ARIZONA...

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Rally-Back Wanna-Be

“You should look into this.” Whenever I get an email that starts with that sentence; I know I am about to get involved in something that probably will result in no good. Emails like this come into my in-box more often than I care to remember. Some of them are from friends that really would love to hear my take on a story; others are from people who are just trying to get me in trouble with my wife which is something I seem to be...

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It’s Ballot Time

For the past few weeks we have all begun to hear more and more about the upcoming election. The candidates are beginning to line up their supporters and while the mudslinging has not been too painful to endure yet it is bound to get more and more fierce as the election draws near. There will be questions of whether a particular candidate can handle the stress of the election trail. And while the voters would love to deal with nothing but the...

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The Hanging Chad

The last time we saw Chad Tracy it was during the player introductions of the 2007 divisional play-offs. He was introduced and made his way out to the third base line to take his place with his teammates. Tracy had just recently undergone microfracture surgery on his right knee and he was on crutches as he hobbled towards the base path amid the cheers of the fans. The prognosis for Tracy’s return is Opening Day as the best case scenario....

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A Sad Day in Baseball

Late last season after the trading deadline the Arizona Diamondbacks put in a waiver request on pitcher Joe Kennedy. At the time the move was partially one to keep one of the other National League Western Division teams from picking up Kennedy from the Oakland Athletics and partially because General Manager Josh Byrnes thought Kennedy could help the Diamondbacks in their push to the post season. Kennedy joined the Diamondbacks on August 4 and...

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Black Friday?

The day after Thanksgiving is typically referred to as Black Friday. This designation is in reference to the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Historically it is one of the most profitable days of the year for most merchants as people begin to purchase their gifts. In our household it is about as close to a national holiday as there is. Beginning on Thanksgiving night Trina will sit down begin to map out a plan of action. She will...

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What I’m Thankful For

Today in the United States we celebrate Thanksgiving. From what I remember from my days in elementary school, the holiday commemorates a feast between the pilgrims and the Native American Indians to celebrate the bountiful harvest and new found friendship found in the new world. This of course all happened before the settlers began stealing the land from the Native Americans who in turn would gain gambling rights on their reservations whereby...

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