In many ways the 2007 Arizona Diamondbacks could be termed a team overachiever. That is to say that while individual players may not have had the type of years that either they or management expected; as a collective whole they achieved more than was expected of them. Going into opening day the Diamondbacks had one of the youngest teams in the major leagues. With the insertion of Justin Upton and Mark Reynolds and the injuries to Chad Tracy, Orlando Hudson, and Randy Johnson the team got even younger by season’s end. With that much youth the philosophy of the clubhouse and the coaching staff had to change. Managing a team of seasoned veterans is substantially different than trying to bring along a roster filled with players who have limited major league experience. I believe the success of this ball club was a direct result of the quality of coaching the Diamondbacks players received in the minor leagues prior to their call-up and at the major league level once they reached Phoenix. When a season ends there are always questions of whether a manager will bring back his coaching staff.

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