MOY Bueno Bob!

At the beginning of the 2007 season the expectations for the Arizona Diamondbacks were to continue their youth movement and get the young players some experience to set them up for success and hopefully a play-off run in 2008 or 2009. Manager Bob Melvin felt that the level of talent that the Diamondbacks had on their roster may provide them with an opportunity to improve on the team’s 2006 record of 76-86. Melvin also realized that his managing ability would be challenged this season as he moved from a veteran team to one filled with players having minimal major league experience. The 2007 season would be a telling sign of how adaptable Bob Melvin could be as a major league manager. Bo-Mel’s management style has always focused on open communications with his coaches and his players. He believes that roles should be properly defined and each member of his staff and team should know their responsibilities within those roles. This style makes Melvin an easy guy to work for. You know what is expected of you and you know you will be held accountable for how you go about your business. But how would that style work with an inexperienced team?

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