For the past few weeks we have all begun to hear more and more about the upcoming election. The candidates are beginning to line up their supporters and while the mudslinging has not been too painful to endure yet it is bound to get more and more fierce as the election draws near. There will be questions of whether a particular candidate can handle the stress of the election trail. And while the voters would love to deal with nothing but the issues we are all guaranteed that each candidate’s character will be brought up and any skeletons will be shaken from the closets and closely examined. I guess when an election is as important and historical as this we should be appreciative that people are taking these things so seriously. Still, I am not quite sure I am ready to be engulfed in another election. I’m still reeling from the outcome of the last election just a little upset because my candidate did not win. I know I should not take these things personally but it’s hard to do when you are devoted to the issues the way I am.

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