Byrnes Being Byrnes

Wherever he has played Eric Byrnes has become a fan favorite. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that he seems to give everything he has on every play. What he lacks in ability he makes up for with intensity. A lot of players hide behind a stoic façade and fans never really know what they may be feeling. Eric Byrnes is the diametric opposite of that definition. If he has a bad plate appearance you immediately know about it. He smacks himself on the head, kicks the dirt or somehow demonstrates his emotions. It is never in a way that demeans his teammates or the game. It appears to be just raw emotion. Since coming to the Arizona Diamondbacks Byrnes has endured himself to the fans at Chase Field. He is always good for an exciting play or a funny remark. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, in a game filled with millionaires and self-centered personalities Eric Byrnes is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

During the National League Championship Series Eric Byrnes began to show his frustration after the Diamondbacks dropped the first two games in Arizona to the Colorado Rockies. Byrnes believed as did many of the Diamondbacks faithful that Arizona had actually outplayed the Rockies but given the Rockies white-hot streak and their propensity to take advantage of the breaks they seemed to be finding the Diamondbacks found themselves in a 0-2 hole. Byrnes stated this fact not as a slight against the Rockies but just as a way for his team to understand that this series wasn’t over. All it would take would be a couple of breaks to go the Diamondbacks way and this series could be tied up. Unfortunately the media and the Rockies fans took this to mean that Eric Byrnes and the Diamondbacks did not respect Colorado. For the next two games in Denver Eric Byrnes became the manifestation of all the disdain Rockies fans had for Arizona. Whenever Byrnes would step foot onto the field the fans would let him have it raining boos down upon his every move. Eric accepted this and tried to have fun with it. In the end the Rockies would sweep the Diamondbacks and move on to the World Series and Eric Byrnes would move to the broadcast team with Fox Sports. As we all know the World Series was not very kind to the Colorado Rockies as they finally met a team that was even hotter than they were. The Boston Red Sox turned the tables and swept the Rockies to win their second world championship in 3 years.

You would have thought that when the season ended that the riff between Byrnes and the Rockies fans would go away but that has not been the case. Instead Eric is taking his show on the road with stops on the Jim Rome show and Fox Sports Best Damn Sports Show Period. In both cases he seemed intent on riling up the Colorado fans. I’m not quite sure I get what he is trying to do. About the only think I did find humorous was when he commented on the Colorado Rockies management’s assertion that if the Rockies played the Boston Red Sox 10 times they would win 6 of those games. I guess that means the Rockies were just on the cusp of going on a 6 game winning streak when the World Series ended. Byrnes was quoted as saying, “Now that’s something to boo about.”

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