The Longest Time of the Year

As a kid in school we were always taught that the longest day of the year was the Summer Solstice. I always thought that was funny since I thought every day was the same length. The teacher would then chastise me for being a smart aleck and explain that what she meant was the day that had the greatest amount of daylight. While scientists may say that the first day of summer contains the most amount of daylight in the northern hemisphere; any kid in the United States will tell you that is not necessarily accurate.

We all know that July 4 is the longest. It has to be, I remember as a kid it seemed like on Independence Day it took forever for the sun to go down so that you could finally light fireworks. That one endless day seemed to go on for a week. Every 5 minutes you would check the sky and you swore that the sun was standing stationary in the sky mocking you and your handful of bottle rockets and Roman candles. According to that same misguided science teacher the longest night of the year occurred at the Winter Solstice. Again not to disagree with the scientific community but that isn’t exactly accurate either. Any kid will tell you that the longest night of the year is Christmas Eve. You lay there in bed and the clock starts to go backwards as you waited for Santa Claus to arrive and make all of your Christmas dreams come true. The moon just hangs in the sky and the darkness looms. There are times you wonder if maybe the sun has burned out and that when the clock shows 2:00 it’s really the middle of the afternoon but there’s a total eclipse. You tried explaining that to your parents as you woke them up yet again asking if it was time to get up. They would tell you the same thing they told you ever 5 minutes since midnight go back to bed and wait until it was morning.

If you were to take the Summer Solstice and add it to the Winter Solstice and multiply that by 104 that is what the off-season is like for me. Baseball has been over about a week and I am already starting to resemble that tiger you saw at the zoo that just walks back and forth from one edge of the cage to the other. I’ve already sent the Diamondbacks 12 email messages asking questions about the 2008 season, ticket relocation, commemoration celebrations for the 10 year anniversary of the team, and anything else I can think of. I’m sure by now my email account has been blocked or flagged as SPAM. For all I know they may have identified me as a cyber-stalker. I’ve updated my web site a hundred times yet I don’t have any new data to include. I’ve reviewed the score books and recounted plays I thought were questionable calls by the umpires and tried to figure out what happened during the NLCS. Trina keeps telling me that patience is a virtue. I’m completely fine with that, I just want that virtue right now. Oh man are those scientists wrong. The baseball off-season is the longest day of the year.

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