Just a few short days ago I wrote about how the Arizona Diamondbacks had a glut of outfielders and how Carlos Quentin now found himself as the odd man out without a position to play for the Diamondbacks. Like most everyone I anticipated that Arizona would use Quentin as a bargaining chip at the Winter Meetings in Nashville to try and land a starting pitcher that they desperately need. The upside of a Carlos Quentin is amazing. While he struggled a bit last season I think a lot of that had to do with the injuries he was dealing with including a partially torn labrum in his non-throwing shoulder and towards the later part of the season a hamstring problem. Even one down season there was grounds for optimism for the former first round draft pick from Stanford. He has above average power and is decent defensively. The Diamondbacks should be able to parlay a young talent like Carlos for a serviceable starting pitcher.

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