There are times I am such an idiot. Now before anyone jumps on that first sentence let me assure you that Trina has already begun marking my idiotic days on the calendar and so far she has more days marked than an entire baseball season and she is only up to June. Trina and I have this understanding that from mid-February through October I am pretty much worthless and unavailable due to baseball season (Trina continues to argue that I am pretty much worthless all the time but from November through February I am at least available). Whenever something needs to be done around the house during that time she just notes it in her notebook and once baseball season is over she gets out the book and I work on stuff until baseball season starts which by the way is only 77 days, 1 hour, and 18 minutes until the first Spring Training game. Some of the stuff on the list isn’t bad and not real time sensitive although the kids are starting to complain that they have not had running water in their bathroom since the Houston Astros series in mid-May of last season. Somewhere in the garage are my tools so I began cleaning things out to get to them. One thing led to another and soon I had the garage completely tore apart to the point that not even a bicycle would fit inside. After what seemed like every waking hour for the past month I was finally able to get the garage back in order and find my toolbox.

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