On March 30, 2006 Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig authorized an investigation into the alleged usage of steroids by major league players. The investigation was led by former Senate Majority Leader George J. Mitchell. In 2006 baseball was reeling from the allegations that steroids and other performance enhancing drugs were tainting the game and ruining its integrity. These charges came to the forefront of society after two reporters from the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper penned the book Game of Shadows that described the ever expanding use of performance enhancing drugs and focused especially on Barry Bonds who was at the time chasing Hank Aaron’s home run record. George Mitchell’s investigation would last 21 months and include requests by the Mitchell commission to interview owners, players, coaches, and other baseball personnel. Throughout the investigation the committee met with stonewalling tactics by many parties with the majority of players declining to cooperate. Finally after a long and drawn out process of gathering information Mitchell was to make his findings public.

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