My Trip Home

There are only four shopping days until Christmas. I know this because my wife and kids have a giant countdown sign that hangs in my direct sight line when I am sitting at the dinner table. They all insist that this is purely coincidental but I am beginning to wonder. The other indication I have that Christmas is arriving shortly is that the number of hints being dropped by my wife have risen substantially over the past week or so. This I think is due to the fact that she knows that I have not done any shopping nor have I taken any of the kids out to do their shopping. She further drove home her point by reminding me of the truck stop debacle of 2004 when all of my gifts appeared to have been purchased at a local 24 hour trucker hang out. Personally I didn’t see anything wrong with a wallet with a chain that attached to your belt and really who couldn’t use a set of mud flaps for their car? Granted the silhouette of undressed women may not have been my first choice but hey I got a pretty good deal on them. No, it was clear that I was not going to get away with that this year which meant that regardless of how much I dreaded Christmas shopping, today was the day. Fortunately, I have the perfect gift in mind and there’s only one place to get it.

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