What do you get a guy for Christmas who seems to have everything? Last year Brandon Webb received a National League Cy Young award after completing his best year as a professional. He followed that up in 2007 with an even better year statistically. Unfortunately San Diego Padres ace Jake Peavy happened to do just a little better and took away Webb’s chances of taking home a second consecutive Cy Young. The Diamondbacks went Christmas shopping early and got Brandon Webb an ace to follow him in the rotation. That’s a pretty nice gift if you ask me and it is going to be pretty tough for anyone to top that. Old Uncle Henry is going to feel pretty inadequate when Brandon opens up the autographed Orlando Hudson bobble head that he got Webb for Christmas (by the way I would be more than happy to accept such a generous gift should Uncle Henry have any extras that he might not know what to do with). So is there anyone who can top a wrapped Danny Haren under the tree? I would have to say Ashland Kentucky could answer with a resounding “Yes!”

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