From a holiday perspective Christmas is about as close to baseball as anything I have found when it comes to excitement. To prove that point I briefly considered republishing the updated Twas the Night Before Christmas entry that I posted the night before Spring Training began under the title Spring Training Eve. But I figured you deserved new content rather than something that could be found using the search box on this blog. So instead I’ll focus my comments on what this day and this holiday means to me. There is nothing quite like the anticipation waiting for Christmas morning to arrive. Part of the excitement can be attributed to wondering what gifts may be awaiting you under the Christmas tree. More often though the excitement is building to see what others may think of the gifts you had gotten for them. With a family of 5 children, every Christmas Eve sees the excitement levels reach epidemic proportions. Trina of course would argue that this family contains 6 children since in her eyes I have not quite begun acting like an adult. A fact that many times I pride myself on.

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